Baby Life Shake

Baby Life Shake is a company that makes nutritious, all natural, vegan shakes for babies. It is started by a real mom who was solving a real problem...we love that entrepreneurial spirit! We are thrilled to have Baby Life Shake as an Ahimsa Sponsor of this years SoCal VegFest!

  BabyLifeShakeSCVF:  Please tell us what your organization/company does or is? “Baby Life Shake” is a company born out of a mother’s need for her son, Max, to supplement her breast milk with a nutritious all natural shake that did not contain any harsh chemicals, fillers & toxic ingredients. “Baby Life Shake” is a freshly made nutritional shake for newborns and toddlers and it contains no fillers, stabilizers, dyes, high fructose corn syrup, or other harsh ingredients.  It can be used in place of chemically loaded baby formula or as a supplement to breast milk. SCVF:  Why did you start your organization or company? I am a huge fan and supporter of any organization or person who cares about the environment, who is also a compassionate voice for animals, and who is an advocate and teacher who teaches that natural foods are the most nutritious food for our bodies. SCVF:  Why was it important to you to produce a plant-based product? I feel that it is important to live a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle and because it is the only way that we will be able to positively impact our health from both an energetic and physical level.  It is also important to protect our planet for future generations to come. SCVF:  What are your best selling products? Favorite Vegan food or product item?  Hmmm…That is a hard question.  My favorite Vegan item is the item that is made with love and care because you can feel and/or taste the goodness!!! SCVF:  Why should people come to SoCal Vegfest? I am really looking forward to the SoCal VegFest and especially having great conversations with friends and strangers and hearing about their current path and adventures.

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