2017 Halloween Costume Contest

The theme of the SoCal VegFest 2017 Costume Contest is


Dress as your favorite non-human animal— for example, dog, cat, rabbit, cow, horse, pig, owl, butterfly, bear, elephant, bee, ant, spider, dolphin, crab, duck, eagle, turkey, whatever you choose—as long as it’s really an animal (no mythical creatures, please). No actual living or dead animals may be included as part of your costume. All costumes must be vegan-friendly—no real fur, feathers, wool, silk, pearls, coral, seashells, animal skin/hide, antlers, claws, teeth, bones, etc. Choose a creative, imaginative costume and wear it on your body. It can be homemade, professionally made, rented or purchased. It can be whimsical or look very real. Please keep your costume “G” rated as this is a family-friendly event. Simply show up at Check In desk - next to Author's booth - on Sunday, October 29, 2017 at 1pm, fill out the entry form and release, pay the $5 (cash) entry fee per person per category, then be on location at the judging area at the specific time for your division(s) and you’ll be competing for awesome prizes donated by our fabulous vegan vendors.  

Arrive at the judging area a few minutes before your scheduled judging time, ready to show off your favorite animal.

Call Time 3:30PM

“Kids & Little Ones” division ages 1-12 : JUDGING STARTS AT 3:40 PM

“Teens & Adults” division ages 13+ JUDGING STARTS AT 3:55 PM

The winners of each category will then compete for the overall Grand Prize, with judging to begin immediately after the completion of both rounds. To be eligible to win the Grand Prize, you must be a winner of your age category and then you must be present for the judging for the Grand Prize.  


The first division will be called up to the judging area. You will be asked to LINE UP with your numbered index cards. Each contestant will parade one at a time in front of the judges. If you can't walk, or wobble when you walk, that's ok. You will be placed in the “standing only” area near the judges to accommodate your mobility needs. You may howl, growl, oink, bark, purr, moo, whinny or screech at the judges, but please understand, there may be no touching, poking, licking, biting or bribing the judges. Failure to follow this requirement may result in disqualification. At the end of each division, you and others in same division will be called present together. Each of our judges will have 5 “golden tickets” to award to their favorites. Depending on the number of contestants entered in the category, the judges may or may not use all 5 tickets. Winners 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place.


Prizewinners will be given their prizes in the form of a gift certificate, which must then be redeemed on the same day as the contest, while at the event, by going to the exhibitor booth of the exhibitor who donated the prize. This will ensure that winners will get the appropriate size or style or be able to choose from whatever options the vendor has offered.


The winners (1st place) of each category will be asked to wait until all winners have been announced. Then each winner will have the opportunity to parade one more time for the judges, and the winners will line up side by side on stage, so the judges may then confer and make their final decision. (No “golden tickets” will be issued for this final round.) There will just be one grand prize. Contestants in this final round have a 1 in 2 chance of winning the grand prize. The decision of the judges is final.

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