Intended Flow

Intended Flow Mobile Yoga + Massage is a company based in Huntington Beach that brings private yoga lessons and outstanding therapeutic massages to your home or business at an affordable price. They are an exhibitor at SoCal VegFest this year.

intended_flow_logo   Please tell us what your organization/company does or is? Intended Flow brings private yoga lessons and outstanding therapeutic massages to your home or business at an affordable price. Providing gracious, intuitive bodywork treatments that benefit your physical body as well as your mental and spiritual bodies. Allowing you to achieve complete relaxation. Why did you start your organization or company? We started Intended Flow because we want people to start taking control of their own health and well being.  The possibilities and capabilities of man is absolutely limitless, but all great achievements have to start with an intention to get there. For example, every athlete has to train, every musician has to practice, every doctor has to study. It all starts with intention, and we want to help people tap into the power of their intention to design a healthy happy life. What is the best selling product? Clients have raved about the relaxing benefits of combining yoga with massage.  Our best selling products are the Yoga/Massage parties, and the Yoga/Massage bundles. Everyone needs to let loose with a couple of friends everyone once in a while, and a yoga/massage party is an excellent way to be good to your body while also have a fun time. They make great treats for birthdays, bridal showers, homework breaks, family bonding & reunions. Receiving massage after a yoga practice is also very popular.  Practicing yoga is extremely relaxing, but parts of it can be challenging during long holds and heat building postures.  A massage after a practice is a great way to let the muscles relax after being worked.  Also being massaged after the yoga practice allows for the client to be move receptive of the massage treatment because the muscles aren't "armoring" so much having been calmed by the yoga practice. They accept pressure more easily plus breathflows increases in smooth rhythm also helping the muscles to loosen. Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 10.41.07 PMWhy should people come to SoCal Vegfest? People should come out to SoCal Vegfest because its more important now than ever to come together as a community and share knowledge about sustainable, eco-friendly foods and services.  On an energetic level, interacting with your community is extremely vital for your health as it activates your second chakra and allows for healthy connection/communication with your fellow man. Events like this helps to build relationships and those relationships can create great things for the future!   More info at

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