Macaccino ™ and Science of Living Natural Foods ™ is committed to creating spectacular organic, healthy food and drink products that elevate body, mind, and SOL. We believe alternative energy should come from a higher source, fueled by only the clean, natural energy that Mother Nature provides. Enjoy our delicious roasted maca blend in place of coffee for a cleaner, longer-lasting energy. Each cup nourishes the body with super food nutrition and saves over 8 gallons of earth’s water from field to cup!  They are a proud Friend Sponsor of SoCal VegFest!

What is it that your company does?Maccacino The company is founded on channeling our heart centered energy to discover, create and actualize products derived from mother nature that move us toward healthier sustainable living. Macaccino is the first product developed by our Founder, Aaron Glassman, and reflects our initiative to preserve water, reduce deforestation and shift the body away from the anxious energy of caffeine and into a balanced more pure energy derived from the super food maca root. Our roasted maca blends are extremely delicious and nutritious energy drinks that reflect the ancient traditions of Peruvian culture. Why are you supporting SoCal Vegfest? We encourage and support a vegan lifestyle for the welfare and preservation of the beautiful animals all over the world that deserve humane treatment and to live without human disruption. In addition, we support the massive sustainability and conservation effects on the planets resources that come as a result of a vegan lifestyle! Why is it important to live a healthy/cruelty free lifestyle? Living cruelty free is not only a huge form of living compassionately and through the heart, it also is extremely healthy and balancing for the human body bringing us to our natural state of herbivore living! What is your favorite vegan item - food or product item? Our favorite vegan item right now is at Golden Mean Vegan Cafe. They have the best vegan burger in LA! It's called the Famous Works Burger and is delicious! What are you most looking forward to about SoCal vegfest? We love to meet and connect with like minded people of all ages and backgrounds to share our product and mission and learn about other projects and products that inspire healthy living!   More at

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