Dr. Michael Klaper, has practiced medicine for more than 40 years and is a leading educator in applied plant-based nutrition and integrative medicine. Dr. Klaper is also the author of a successful book on cholesterol-free nutrition and an upcoming title (to be announced in 2016), as well as numerous health videos. He will be speaking at SoCal VegFest via Online Conference.

Gina Bonanno-Lemos is the award-winning author of What The Fork? The Secret Cause Of Disease, and a dual-certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Vegan Nutrition Specialist. She will be speaking 11/30 from 12:30pm – 12:45pm on our Main Stage on “You’re Not a Victim of Your Genetics: Changing Your DNA and Preventing Disease With Food”.

Lisa Bloom is a legal analyst for NBC News, appearing frequently on the Today Show, Nightly News, CNN, HLN and many other television and radio shows. She also runs a prominent Los Angeles based general practice law firm, The Bloom Firm, representing celebrity clients and ordinary people seeking justice in all areas of civil litigation and family law, and especially victims of domestic violence, sexual harassment, race or sex discrimination, sexual assault, and police excessive force. She will be speaking at SoCal VegFest on ‘Why animal cruelty is an urgent social justice issue’.

Whole Earth Wellness provides education and support to those wishing to transition to a vegan diet and a holistically healthy lifestyle. WEW was started by Laura Robinson Oatman, who will be will be joining us at SoCal VegFest to speak about ‘Peace Begins on Your Plate – Transitioning to a whole foods plant-based diet not only is the best way to nourish your body, mind, heart and soul, but most importantly, brings you inner peace and eventually will bring us all world peace.’ You can read more about Laura on our blog interview with her here.

INDI & ARY is an online beauty store, carrying cosmetic brands that are cruelty free and either vegan/organic/mineral and/or nontoxic. We’re excited to have them as an exhibitor at this year’s SoCal VegFest!

Delgado Protocol for Health advocates vegan, oil free, lifestyle medicine principals. Exercise, meditation, yoga, love and connections, we also evaluate for personalized cellular and hormonal health. They will have an exhibitor booth at SoCal VegFest, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

Artist and author Keith McHenry helped start Food Not Bombs in Massachusetts in 1980. He has recovered, cooked and shared vegan food with the hungry for over 35 years. He will be joining us as a speaker at SoCal VegFest!

SoCal Parrot is a non-profit that rescues, rehabilitates, and protects southern California’s wild parrot populations. They are an exhibitor at SoCal VegFest, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

Humanity for Animals is a vegan grassroots non-profit that advocates for animals all over the world at the local level. They will be exhibiting at SoCal VegFest and offering handcrafted custom jewelry with a vegan message for a small donation.

VEGGOS is a RAW VEGAN DELI, established in May of 2013 in Lake Forest, CA. Our mission is to provide an affordable, more nutritious, and delicious alternative to conventional fast food, beverages and desserts. Our appetizers, soups and salads, entrees, desserts, green juices and shakes are gluten free, dairy free and surgar free. Ingredients used in our food and drinks preparation are all natural and plant based. No preservatives are used. Appetizer and enntree favorites are the Nachos Supreme, V’Gos Cheeseburger, the Laguna Pizza, Heavenly Hummus Sandwich and Veggie Lo Mein. Popular desserts include the Chocolate Banana Pie, Cheesecake and Almond Chococonut. All are prepared from scratch in-house. Come and visit our booth at the 2016 SoCal VegFest!!!