Anji Bee – Happy Healthy Vegans

Anji Bee
When LA based singer/DJ, Anji Bee, began posting photos of her homemade vegan meals online in 2007, the commonly held belief of Social Media experts was that “nobody wants to know what you’re eating.” Anji, however, found the opposite to be true. It seemed that her fans were more interested in what she was cooking than her music or podcast! With over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and 50,000 plus followers on Instagram, Anji's vegan fare has quite the audience via Happy Healthy Vegan, her multimedia project with husband and musical partner, Ryan Lum. Recipes have played only a small part in the duo’s output, but with increasing demand from fans to know the secrets behind the Instagram photos and What I Eat In A Day videos, Anji knew the time had come to give the fans what they wanted. ‘Keep It Carbed, Baby!” is both the sign off closing phrase of the duo’s show and the title of her first-ever cookbook. SUNDAY 30th 11:10 – 11:30am: Main Stage Sweet Simple Vegan & Happy Healthy Vegans (Veganism in Digital Age, Social Media Ambassadors) Interview: