Arlene Nicoletti

Arlene Nicoletti

Arlene Nicoletti can’t recall a time when she wasn’t fascinated by sound and music, and has always found great joy in singing. She is the founder of Soul Sound Vibrations in Woodland Hills, CA. Drawing on her extensive training in Reiki, Sound Meditation, and hypnotherapy, Arlene shares her passion and talents for healing using holistic, natural and alternative means.

In the Sound Healing & Meditation session she guides, she utilizes a very special chair to assist in the healing and transformational experience of being bathed in sound: the Monochord Sound Chair.

Arlene imported this unique chair, which facilitates the transmission of direct vibrational sound, from Germany, where it was designed, developed and crafted. A session in the chair can dissipate stress and stagnant energies, by projecting music into directly into the body of the person sitting in the chair, while the mind absorbs the sound.

The bottom of the chair is convex, which allows Arlene to gently rock the chair to maneuver the occupant into a semi-reclined position in order to optimize the full experience of the vibration. The design of the Monochord Sound Chair allows for a stronger vibrational and sound experience that both calms and rejuvenates the mind and body.

Arlene leads group healing experiences in which participants are seated in a circle with eyes closed and in a gentle meditative state, as sound fills the room. The session begins with a brief guided meditation leading to relaxation.

One by one, participants are quietly invited to sit briefly in the Monochord Sound Chair to experientially embody the healing vibrations. Occasionally she implements rhythmic drumming, to mimic the sound of a soothing heartbeat, and uses gentle chimes and shakers to enhance the sound healing experience. Arlene ends the session with a peaceful song sung a capella (without accompaniment).

To share the experience of the Monochord Sound Chair, Arlene created the Soul Sound Vibration meetup group in Woodland Hills. Learn more at

3:00pm – 4:15pm: Peace & Quiet Zone

Soul Sound Vibration Meditation with the Monochord Sound Chair