Frances W Greenspan

Frances W Greenspan

Frances W. Greenspan is an animal artist, former pet groomer and animal communicator who became actively involved in the world of animals from an early age. As an only child, her dogs and cats were her first playmates.

Her career as a professional artist began in high school, and rapidly grew into an impressive line of unique animal illustrations, portraits and products. Her specialty is custom animal portraits, skillfully illustrated from favorite pet photographs. Frances offers a wide selection of drawings, from family pets to exotic wildlife. Today, Frances is recognized as one of the finest animal artists in the world by Cat Fancy Magazine and has received excellent reviews in a wide variety of publications. She’s also been featured in OC Metro’s “Lightbulb Moment” section.

Her animal communication skills and psychic development began during her time as a professional groomer. One day, Frances explains, she was grooming two animals from the same household: a male Lhasa Apso and a female toy poodle. It was apparent to Frances that the poodle received most of the attention. She said aloud to the Lhasa, “She gets all the attention, doesn’t she?”

In a Southern drawl, Frances heard in her head the words, “Yep, she’s Mom’s and I’m Dad’s.”

Hearing this unexpected reply startled Frances, but she continued grooming the pair. When “Mom” and “Dad” arrived to pick them up, sure enough, Mom went for her poodle and Dad immediately had the Lhasa on his lap. Dad said to Frances, in a Southern drawl matching the dog’s voice, “We call him ‘Mr. Personality,‘” confirming her conversation with the Lhasa.

That was the beginning of her intuitively-guided telepathic communication with animals.
Since that time, Frances has been featured on Animal Talk Radio and on popular pet websites including and She’s able to communicate with animals– regardless of whether they’re living or have crossed the Rainbow Bridge– and has had great success in facilitating communications between people and their non-human animal friends, helping to resolve unanswered questions, behavioral challenges and health issues. She also offers popular workshops to teach others how to communicate with animals. Connect with Frances at

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Developing Trust, Love & Understanding through Animal Communication

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Hearing the Voices of Animals: Telepathic Animal Communication Techniques