Gwenna Hunter

Gwenna Hunter

Gwenna Hunter is a social media consultant and the founder of Vegans Of LA. After having been vegetarian for more than seven years, she unexpectedly stumbled upon a 5-minute video entitled Dairy Is Scary. After seeing how milk was obtained from innocent cows and witnessing their babies being stolen from them, she recognized that, as a woman, she could no longer participate in the mindless consumption of dairy products and immediately stopped her previous unwitting support of the despicable devastation perpetrated against females by the dairy industry.

Gwenna established Vegans Of LA to unite the local Greater Los Angeles vegan community through local social gatherings. The group also welcomes vegan-curious people to attend its events so they can meet other vegans and experience how sociable, enjoyable and delicious being vegan really is. Vegans Of LA also promotes other local vegan events, restaurants and businesses, and actively participates in vegan activism. Vegans Of LA has recently launched a new project: interviewing vegan changemakers and community leaders in the greater Los Angeles area. To learn more about the organization and get involved, visit

4:30pm – 5:00pm: Peace & Quiet Zone

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