Jasmine – Sweet Simple Vegan

Jasmin Briones
My name is Jasmine Briones, the Sweet Simple Vegan. I started my blog simply to share recipes, but I have now transformed it into a platform all-encompassing of my mission to inspire others to live a life of positivity and consciousness. I strive to not only provide education on veganism and topics regarding food and health, but also on the importance of self- and community-connection, positivity, as well as mental & spiritual health. My blog is progressing alongside my own personal journey, and the topics covered and stories shared bring light to that. SUNDAY 30th 11:10 – 11:30am: Main Stage Sweet Simple Vegan & Happy Healthy Vegans (Veganism in Digital Age, Social Media Ambassadors) Interview: http://socalvegfest.org/blog/jasmine-briones/