Kaci Christian

Kaci Christian

Kaci Christian is the creator of The WE Juice for Joy Experience™, a course in mindfulness that emphasizes the practice of sacred self-care and incorporates a 10-day juice cleanse. The program began as a live teleclass offered at the beginning of every quarter, personally facilitated by Kaci with co-host, Chef Xian. The WE Juice for Joy Experience™ allows participants the opportunity to reboot, restore and replenish in a loving, supportive and nurturing environment. The live program included daily conference calls, live interactive coaching and downloadable materials affording people throughout the world an opportunity to participate. That program is not currently being offered, although Kaci does collaborate with a very limited number of clients in her health and wellness consulting practice. www.WEjuiceforjoy.com

Kaci has a rich history as a professional communicator, motivational speaker and educator. She is an award-winning former TV news anchor and investigative reporter, and has been seen on CNN and on local CBS, ABC & FOX TV affiliates throughout the United States. Recognized as an advocate for health & wellness, a vegan educator and a activist for animals worldwide, Kaci is passionate about sharing information that educates, inspires and empowers. Before working on television, she provided live reports broadcast on several radio stations in Los Angeles including KFI 640 AM.

In 2011, Kaci recognized the importance of uniting women worldwide and founded The WE Conference™, a Women’s Empowerment & Wellness Expansion organization developed to connect powerful, experienced and inspiring leaders who share their wisdom in live, virtual and broadcast events. The WE Conference™ programs focus on topics relating to health, wellness and personal growth with the objective of inspiring, supporting and promoting individual empowerment. Kaci has toured the world, communicating with audiences on various topics including authenticity, mindfulness, spiritual nutrition, health and wellness, and relationship building. www.theWEconference.com

Kaci has spent a significant amount of her personal time in public service, speaking, hosting or emceeing a wide variety of events, moderating panel discussions or serving as a panelist, interviewing health and wellness experts, and participating in charity walks or fundraisers. She has shared the stage or collaborated with such notable health and wellness educators as Gabriel Cousens, MD; Will Tuttle, PhD; Theresa Dale, ND; Shelley Stockwell Nicholas, PhD; Betsy Bragg; Karen Ranzi; Chef Aj; Chef BeLive; Chef Rawsheed Patton; Chef Jenny Ross; Chef Raya Belna; and Mimi Kirk; and was a presenter at the 2013 Raw Living Expo in Sedona, Arizona. She is also a certified World Peace Diet facilitator.

In January 2014, she embarked on a new part of her life’s journey, embracing the opportunity to begin The Silent Project™, a one-year vow of silence to create space to learn to listen differently– and as a result of this commitment, to also find creative ways of communicating differently, without using her voice.

Shortly before beginning The Silent Project™, she and Chef Xian, executive producer of The WE Juice for Joy Experience™, went into the studio in late December 2013 to record sessions for a unique audio program designed to support people who wanted to explore juicing in a self-paced program and who needed guidance and information on how to proceed.

At the end of the year-long commitment to The Silent Project™, Kaci recognized that she still had much to learn, and extended the term by three months, then another three months, and finally extending it indefinitely. More details about Kaci’s story can be found at www.theSILENTproject.com.

Silence notwithstanding, Kaci still continues her advocacy efforts for women, children and all animals. She has been a featured presenter at several conferences and festivals on a variety of topics, including silent meditation, juicing, eye-gazing, and hugs.

Kaci holds a Masters degree in accounting and general business from Northeastern University in Boston and completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Texas at Austin. She has written numerous articles published in newspapers, magazines and online. Kaci is the author of a soon-to-be-released memoir chronicling her journey of self-discovery from the world of TV news to traveling on her own throughout the rugged Himalayan region of Nepal. She is currently working on a new book about incorporating juice cleansing as part of the journey to mindfulness. She enjoys traveling as she shares her experiences and insights on transforming life through mindfulness, kindness and compassion. Originally from Houston, Texas, she currently resides in southern California.

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