Kathy Hoshijo

Kathy Hoshijo

Kathy Hoshijo pioneered America’s move towards a healthy vegetarian diet through her books, and ‘Kathy’s Kitchen” – America’s first vegetarian natural foods TV show (nationwide PBS 1980-1990).  Join Kathy Sunday at 12:15 in SoCal VegFest’s Speaker Hall  to learn about “Pure Vegan Skin Care – Because What Goes ON Your Body goes IN”.   When she’s not speaking, you can find her at IsWithin Booth #11 launching her new skincare line.

Kathy began mixing her own skin care products in her kitchen in the 1980s “because while I was doing my shows I couldn’t find any beauty products 100% free of animal and synthetic chemical ingredients. If I didn’t want an ingredient IN my body, there was no way I was going to put it On my body!!”   Kathy used the same foundational premise (as well as superfoods, supplements, and traditional healing plants and their oils) that she used to care for herself and her family to make her skin potions.   The premise: the way to keep your body looking and functioning at its best is to provide it with optimal nutrition to build healthy cells – has served Kathy and her family well.   35+ years later and three all vegetarian generations later, Kathy and family are living proof that healthy skin is beautiful skin. The skincare products Kathy formulated are now available to everyone through the Healing Noni Skincare line she is launching.

You can find detailed about pure vegan skincare products at www.healingnoni.com

12:15pm – 12:30: Speakers Hall

 Kathy Hoshijo : “Natural Skin Care”