Khamadi Grimble

Khamadi Grimble

Khamadi Grimble is a man of firm conviction and commitment. Vegan since 1974 (42+ years!), he is the picture of health and wellbeing. His youthful vitality belies his years on this planet; only his salt-n-pepper dreadlocks make you wonder just how old is he? He readily admits he’s 65 years young– and his partner whispers that he often trains with fellow cyclists in their early 20s who are confounded when he passes them on challenging inclines.

Nowadays, his occupation is officially “retired, but I call myself an unpaid professional cyclist,” after 21 years as an employee of the City of Los Angeles.

“My cycling has done so much for me mentally and physically,” Khamadi adds. In late 2006, he set a goal to track his cycling miles with the intention of logging 100,000 miles. From January 2007 through December 2015, he averaged 11,115 miles a year, for a total of 100,046 miles, exceeding his goal in just nine years– an incredible accomplishment, evidencing the power of persistence and the critical importance of being committed.

Khamadi believes being physically active has had a significant impact in his life. He began long-distance running in college. “That was around 1972,” he recalls. “I wanted to have the optimum diet, so I started researching.” His research led him to plant-based nutrition, long before it was hip or trendy. A native Angeleno, Khamadi found fruits and vegetables to be in plentiful supply and readily available. He recognized he had ever-increasing amounts of energy and stamina as a vegan, which in turn, translated to success as an athlete.

He completed his undergraduate studies at Cal Poly Pomona. Khamadi then achieved his Masters degree from Cal State LA in Public Administration, and completed coursework (ABD — all but his dissertation) toward a second Masters in Human Development. In addition to his formal education, he has studied extensively in many areas, including sociology, public relations, education and investigations, but his favorite research of all has been in nutrition.

Inspired by the work of Linus Pauling and other orthomolecular doctors and scientists, Khamadi sums up his nutritional philosophy as the path that leads to a what he calls “healthy longevity.” With a goal to live life fully to the end, he attributes movement, particularly cycling, and his plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle as critical factors toward achieving that goal.

“I try very hard to understand how to take care of my body and being. That is in my hands,” he adds. And that is where being plant-powered has played a pivotal role. He also acknowledges that being an active advocate for non-violence and peace, as well as being an expert in conflict resolution, was integral.

Khamadi will share his insights, experience and perspective that “Peace Begins on the Plate” during his talk on Sunday afternoon in the Peace & Quiet Zone at SoCal VegFest 2016.

3:00pm – 4:00pm: Peace & Quiet Zone

“Peace Begins on the Plate”