Lisa Levinson

Lisa Levinson

Lisa Levinson is the director of In Defense of Animals’ (IDA) Sustainable Activism Campaign, and serves as the co-chair of IDA’s Council of Sustainable Activism.

Lisa is a trained movement therapist, museum exhibit designer, and mosaic artist. She uses her therapeutic skills and experience to promote self-care for animal activists. She also shares her creative talents as a volunteer with The Animal Museum in downtown Los Angeles, designing and creating powerful exhibits and displays to provoke thought and foster change.

Lisa organizes Vegan Spirituality Meetups and Retreats across the United States with a theme of exploring veganism as a spiritual practice.

She co-founded Public Eye: Artists for Animals to teach compassion for animals through the arts, and also founded the Toad Detour to help migrating toads safely cross the roads in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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“Guided Meditation for Inner Peace”

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