Ori Shavit

Ori Shavit

Ori Shavit is a food writer and critic, media person, a leading promoter of the Israeli vegan cuisine and vegan culture, animal liberation and green lifestyle activist.

Shavit has trained in cooking and for the last ten years has been writing about the restaurant and food culture in Israel.

Since she became vegan she organizes and hosts vegan cooking workshops and dinners, and offers vegan culinary counseling, as well as publishing vegan recipes and info on her website, www.vegansontop.com and on the food channel of ‘YNET’, one of the most popular Israeli news and content websites (2011-2015). Shavit also cooked for the first vegan dinner in the Israeli Parliament on the Knesset’s Animal Rights Day.

Her website Vegans On Top was chosen “The Best Food Blog” in Israel at TimeOut Tel Aviv’s culinary awards ceremony of 2013 and 2014.

In addition to her culinary activism Shavit organizes demonstrations, one of which was one of the biggest animal liberation demonstrations in Israel. She is in touch with different Israeli key figures to promote animal rights issues. Shavit appeared numerous times on national television, lectured in varied venues including two TEDx events, Montreal’s first vegan festival, The National AR Conference in Washington DC (2015) and in numerous US colleges and universities during her lecture tours that are organized by Jewish Veg and Hillel International.

Shavit speaks fluent English (and Hebrew). She is knowledgeable of other aspects of being vegan (health and ecology) and talks about it, in addition to animal rights and vegan gastronomy issues, in her many lectures and panels.

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