Roxy Leigh Rovenger

Roxy Leigh Rovenger

Roxy Leigh Rovenger is an experienced yoga teacher and massage therapist, and the founder of Intended Flow Yoga & Massage. With more than 12 years of experience teaching and practicing, she has found the combination of yoga and massage to be two of the greatest tools in achieving a happy healthy life. Roxy suffered from chronic back pain for many years, due to injuries and constant training as an athlete; however, since committing to yoga and massage, her pain has been completely transformed. Roxy has invested a significant amount of time, energy and resources in her training, amassing more than 900 hours in yoga training and 900 hours in massage therapy training. Her yoga certifications include Vinyasa Flow (200 hours); Yoga Therapy for chronic conditions (500 hours); and Kundalini Yoga (200 hours). She attributes her excellent education and success to her teachers and mentors including Santa Cruz Yoga, Stress Management Center of Marin, Yoga Works, and National Holistic Institute. Her mission is to share her passion, skills and knowledge with others to help them achieve peaceful and happy lives, free of suffering. For additional information and to reach Roxy, visit

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