Simone Reyes

Simone Reyes

Simone Reyes was the breakout star of Oxygen’s reality tv show “Running Russell Simmons” and became an overnight hero in the animal rights community. Vegan Lifestyle Magazine put Simone of their cover, calling her The Gloria Steinem of the Animal Rights Movement. She is a sought after public speaker at events such as TedX, The Seed in NYC, Michigan Veg Fest, WorldFest and uses her many media opportunities to promote a fully vegan lifestyle. Simone is a 25+ year vegan and has been a grassroots animal rights activist for most of her adult life.

Simone traveled to Taiji, Japan as a Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian to report on and document the atrocities of the dolphin drives. She shared her experiences there in various media outlets. She, along with Russell Simmons penned an open letter to Ambassador Caroline Kennedy and President Obama urging them to consider attaching the plight of the dolphins who migrate through Japan to the passing of the Trans Pacific Partnership- this letter was signed by dozens of celebrities including Cher, Oliver Stone, Charlize Theron, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Cameron Diaz, Reverend Jesse Jackson and countless others.

She has also been honored by Mercy For Animals for the work she has done to put the plight of farm animals in the public’s consciousness. Simone serves as Vice President of Communications at Social Compassion In Legislation where she uses her influence to change laws to protect animals, most recently stopping bobcat trapping in California, Banning the sale of mill bred cats, dogs and rabbits in Los Angeles and mandating Humane Education in the California school system. PETA ‘s Animal Rahat Sanctuary in India was officially given a new name “Simone’s Place” in honor of Simone’s tireless dedication to the animal rights cause.

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Simone Reyes (Animal Rights Activist, Animal Rescuer)