Tanya Petrovna

Tanya Petrovna

In our ultra-rushed world today where microwave meals, drive-thru fast food, fear of contaminated meat and produce and water shortages are considered normal, Chef Tanya Petrovna is our modern day “Donna” Quixote of food.

Following the voices of her heart and conscience, Chef Tanya’s “back to basics” approach to cooking began with her love for animals and European gourmet upbringing. She has produced a culinary adventure that raised the vegetarianism image of the 60s and 70s to a new unprecedented level of vegan enjoyment and acceptance nationwide.

Chef Tanya was the visionary founder, chef, CEO of the all plant-based eatery, Native Foods Café. It all began in Palm Springs, California in 1994 and though she has not been with her company since 2012, her loyal patrons still stay in touch, visit her classes and read about her adventures here!

Chef Tanya currently resides in Palm Springs, California where she teaches Iyengar yoga, writes, saves cats, dogs and elephants, and is working on the next big thing. Join Chef Tanya in the Cooking Demo Tent where she shares some her techniques for making the awesome vegan food she is famous for!

1:30pm – 2:30pm: Cooking Demo

Roast Tomatoes…Not Turkeys! Come to Tanya’s Slow Roasted Tomato Party! Learn how to roast tomatoes and what to do with them!