Vanessa Marsot

Vanessa Marsot

Vanessa Marsot is a passionate vegan and compassionate animal activist, based in Los Angeles. She began her professional career as an actress and model in Paris, after graduating from Yale University with a degree in Literature. Upon her eventual return to the United States, Vanessa began teaching yoga and offering personal fitness training.

She began graduate school, earning a degree in marriage and family therapy, and went on to become a licensed psychotherapist. From there, Vanessa moved into management, and eventually began running mental health and addiction treatment facilities.

While she felt she was being of service to humanity, Vanessa realized that something was missing. She recognized she wasn’t honoring her greatest passion: to relieve and end the suffering of animals.

Although she originally thought she should wait until she had amassed enough financial resources to launch her business, she decided to to stop waiting for “the perfect time,” and to immediately begin investing her energy and resources toward manifesting her dream. She courageously left the financial security of her corporate job to begin creating Ellora Wellness, a one-stop shop supporting creative, cruelty-free living.

Vanessa’s vision of Ellora Wellness includes a cafe/wine bar; boutique; dance/performing arts center; and a spa/healing arts facility. She intends to offer everything needed for health and well-being in one centralized place, in a business model committed to honoring the ethical principles of compassion and kindness, and providing carefully-researched goods and services that are vegan, organic, non-toxic, fair trade and sustainably sourced.

In the Peace & Quiet Zone tent at SoCal VegFest 2016, Vanessa will lead an experiential session of “Ellora Fusion Yoga,” a unique hybrid of Hathayoga, Iyengar & Pilates, appropriate for all levels of experience. Contact Vanessa through

5:00pm – 5:50pm: Peace & Quiet Zone

Ellora Fusion Yoga