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Click here to see our 2015 Event Program Alova  Introducing the very first aloe-infused sparkling water. Made with 100% real cane sugar and the unique goodness of aloe vera, perfectly paired with natural flavors. Au Lac Beginning with traditional Vietnamese cuisine, Au Lac has grown to include more dishes and flavors to accommodate every diet. including many gluten-free options. They search near and far to find organic produce and all-natural ingredients, specifically sourcing each one, to bring the best in quality and flavor. Auraganics Juicery Auraganic is an organic Juicery with the underlying vision of bringing love into all hearts through health and vitality. Bean Fields Snacks Beanfields chips are first and foremost a great tasting snack. In fact, Beanfields chips have won numerous taste awards! Their distinctive crunch and delicious flavors will make them your anytime, go-to chip. And that's even before you realize how much better for you they are! Better Beans Fresh, Family-Made Beans. Everything they do is for the love of beans: better beans. The kind that come from the home of a real family – perfected over years of father-daughter cooking. Their beans are skillet sautéed, freshly packed and kept cold from their kitchen to yours. Charlie's Brownies Charlie’s Brownies serves the finest dairy free and gluten-free gourmet brownies. They use no preservatives or artificial flavors, only a blend of organic ingredients and home-baked love. Their brownies are built especially moist to deliver “The Ultimate Brownie Experience.” Cool Cups A vegan alternative to gelatin ("jello"), Cool Cups has no animal bi-products and nothing artificial. For kids, teens, baby boomers and seniors. At home, at work, at a party or after a game. COOL CUPS ARE FOR YOU! Daiya Foods Say Cheese! The rich, creamy flavor of cheese holds a special allure, but the options in lactose-free cheese can be bland and lackluster. Daiya products (pronounced "day-ah") are a dairy-free dream come true – extraordinary cheese alternatives that deliver the bold flavor, stretch and texture of cheese without compromise. Divine Dips After years of hands-on “research” (well, someone had to do it . . .), Divine Dips came to the conclusion: A creamy mouth-feel; tantalizing flavors; and the sweet-tooth satisfaction you get from a delightfully indulgent treat is what makes a great vegan ice cream. Donut Friend Donuts. Done. Differently. Donut Friend is a new and exciting donut shop in North East Los Angeles that specializes in gourmet, made to order donuts. With a mostly vegan menu, gluten free options, and endless possibilities, there is something for everyone! Falasophy Dedicated to providing the best tasting falafel sandwich and hummus, Falasophy provides exciting, cravable street food; falafel and hummus, along with accompanying sides and salads, all made from scratch using the highest quality, all-natural, and freshest ingredients possible. @Go Make Vegan From delicious burgers, to buffalo wings, and mac and cheese, Gomakevegan is a vegan catering truck run by a happy vegan animal lover. Gomakevegan... Until every cage is empty. Gardein Gardein's food tastes good, is good for you, and is good for the planet. Why is gardein (garden + protein = gardein) so good? A delicious, convenient, and versatile protein option for everyone, gardein is dedicated to creating healthier versions of the food people love to eat. So, feed your happy! Genius Juice The approach is simple: They blend organic coconut meat and coconut water to make a creamy smoothie without the use of concentrates or preservatives. To keep authentic taste and maximize nutrition, they use high pressure instead of heat to kill harmful bacteria. It’s Pure Genius! Happy Elephant Vegan Happy Elephant Vegan is a Pan Asian Vegan and Plant-Based Restaurant established in central Long Beach, California that offers classic Thai dishes and plant-based Thai and Japanese cuisine. Chef Danny Siridechakul has over 20 years of experience as a cook and chef in Thailand, Miami and California. Health-Ade Hand-crafted the "old-fashioned way"--the way nature intended--Health-Ade does everything possible to guarantee the best brew out there, including (but not limited to): produced in an all-glass process to ensure no plastic/metal leaching, ferment in super-small batches to allow for premium control over quality, and flavor only with raw cold-pressed juice from organic produce. I Love Vegan Long Beach Family treasured recipes cooked with ingredients such as basil, galangal, kha, lemongrass, kaffir leave, turmeric, garlic, and fresh chilies, made into all-natural delicious authentic vegan Thai food. Ihsan's Falafels Ihsan’s Falafel serves home-made authentic Sudanese Falafel, made with all organic ingredients that are very delicious and one of a kind. Crispy on the outside, and very soft on the inside, very flavorful, but not too spicy, making them very kid friendly. Infinity Sauces What does late night kitchen geek, John Kessler, do when he grew too many habaneros one summer? He hand crafts award winning hot sauces that focus on complex layers of textures that are designed to stimulate your palate, not burn your taste buds. They are sauces for infinite uses. Iswithin Iswithin emphasize principles of life to enhance every aspect of our lives. Using cellular nutrition through raw living foods, enzymes and probiotics to cleanse, heal and regenerate the body. JumpStart BodyFuel Jumpstart Bodyfuel recognizes the great need for a healthier lifestyle, for a personal and professional satisfied life. Their alternative health bars and cookies can help. Kelly's Croutons Kelly's Croutons puts a unique twist on the Vegan Lifestyle. Their Croutons are made with the freshest ingredients. Premium Rustic Sourdough bread, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic vegan butter, organic garlic, handcrafted vegan parmesan, and a blend of special spices. KindKreme KindKreme is a gourmet, raw, vegan, organic dessert. Without sacrificing flavor or richness, they offer unique frozen non-dairy treats that are hand crafted daily in small batches. Les Beaux Chocolats Les Beaux Chocolats has a simple philosophy: Their delicious artisan chocolate confections and chocolate truffles are handmade using the freshest and purest ingredients. Everything is made from scratch, using no artificial additives or preservatives. Their factory is peanut free and gluten free so that everyone can enjoy their gourmet chocolate confections. Melinda's Sqarze Melinda's Sqarze are superfood snacks that are healthy and satisfying! Sqarze are vegan, non-GMO, gluten and dairy free, completely organic and mostly raw. Melinda loves raw cacao (chocolate) as a delivery system since it is so healthy for you, makes you feel good and tastes delicious! Melrose Catering The key recipe of a wonderful event is family, friends and great food. With Southern California being the unique Melting pot of so many wonderful cultures, they want their food and events to be a part of that wonderful dynamic. Mother's Market Mother's brings you the finest organic and natural foods, as well as a full selection of foods for special diets. Native Foods Cafe Native Foods Café has grown to become America’s premier fast-casual vegan restaurant serving made-from-scratch, chef-crafted cuisine to thousands of food lovers every day, changing the way America eats! The menu is beloved by vegans and non-vegans alike, with seasonally updated one-of-a-kind dishes, delicious desserts and homemade beverages inspired by our innovative culinary team. Nature's Bakery On-the-go snacks crafted with thoughtful ingredients, Whatever they put into their baked goods, you’re going to get out of them. So admittedly, they’re a little picky about the quality of their ingredients. Proof of thier unwavering devotion to creating delicious snacks. It’s just in their nature. Nii Bar Premium organic nutrition bars. They create nutrient-dense organic food bars that are gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, and unbelievably delicious! Nutiva Tireless seekers of pure and delicious foods that will nourish our bodies and our planet, Nutiva has devoted themselves to a dream, a vision, a mission. They will revolutionize the way the world eats! And in so doing we will bring nourishment and balance, health and well being, sustainability and community to people and planet. NutRaw Snacks 100% raw, plant-based, organic, super-food, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, wheat-free, naturally delicious snacks! OC Vegan Pizza OC's only all vegan pizza joint serving up way more than pizza...corndogs, fries, burgers, Buffalo wings, and more...and oh, did we mention corndogs?! Orgain The world’s first organic, ready-to-drink nutritional shake. Orgain's plant-based and vegan products use only the highest quality, certified organic plant proteins. It's what almond milk should be. Pies by Dominic Homemade pie does your heart, body, and soul a favor. All Pies by Domonic are gluten-free and use very little added sugar. They can even make their pies using sugar-free ingredients for people with low-glycemic diets. Heck- they'll even take the soy out if you need them to. Plant Food For People On a mission to be LA's first all vegan drive-thru, they are serving up their own brand of fresh and delicious food that's made with love, in real fast-food style. Pooja Cuisine of India Vegetairan Indian restaurant in Corona. Purium Superfoods for a super life. More than 50 whole food nutrition products geared toward weight loss, athletic performance, anti-aging, family health, and greens. Raw Caterer Raw vegan, entrees, appetizers, breads, crackers, and desserts, made from scratch, that are sugar, gluten, dairy & soy free, with no processed sugars. Dates, raisins, and coconut nectar are the sweeteners. Raw Juicery The Raw Juicery is Los Angeles’s leading provider of the highest quality, most affordable, truly raw and organic juices and juice cleanses available. Their expert team of juicers combine the most functional and tasty ingredients to provide the optimal juice cleanse experience. Raw Revelation - "Nutition in its Purest Form" Raw Revelations is a community oriented company with a vision of revealing the human potential for a truly healthy, happy life. They seek and continue to discover the purest, most effective organic and wild nutrients! Revealing vibrant life essentials that are traditionally valued worldwide. Rocky Ridge Rescue Rocky Ridge Rescue is a nonprofit organization and sanctuary for large and small homeless animals in Santa Clarita, California. RRR was founded by a few hard working professional women, who can’t just look the other way when an animal is in need. Liz, Lee and Samantha decided it was time to take action against animal abuse, overpopulation and neglect. Sage Organic Bistro Organic, sustainable, plant-based food without the pretense. Breathing new life into the farm to table concept, this is the place where you can bring your date at night and your momma in the morning... Sage Pretzel Stand  Sage Organic Bistro's signature pretzels served with nacho cheese, habanero cream cheese, or maple mustard sauces. Sinless Raw Chocolate Sinless Raw Food lovingly creates unsurpassed raw, vegan, organic, low-carb, sugar-free chocolate that provides optimal nutrition for the mind, body and spirit to heal itself. Sophie's Kitchen Revolutionary ready to eat vegan seafood! Created as a vegan alternative to seafood. Made with konjac, seaweed, and other natural plant based ingredients, Sophie's is a sustainable alternative to seafood from the ocean. Southern Fried Vegan Providing delicious vegan versions of popular festival foods to festivals, street fairs, breweries, wineries, and farmers markets throughout southern CA. Their signature menu item is the southern fried vegan chickun sandwich Tien Der Charity (supported by vegiwokery) All of Vegi Wokery's food is consciously handmade with the finest Vegan and Vegetarian ingredients. Think of your favorite Chinese restaraunt...but vegan! Teeccino Teeccino Herbal Coffee, America's #1 best selling coffee alternative, is roasted & ground to taste like coffee. You can brew it in any coffee maker or steep it like tea using their Tee-bags. The Field Roast Grain Meat Co. The Field Roast Grain Meat Company creates artisan vegan meats that are made with real ingredients and traditional food making practices. Enjoyed by vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores alike! Field Roast’s grain meat is a real, protein-rich meat option that is made simply and in small batches. The Shugah Mamma Back when there weren’t a lot of gluten free options, the Sugah Mama transformed a recipe into her own and the results were incredible. She hopes you enjoy her products as much as she does. Her goal is to make gluten free (and vegan) products that don’t taste vegan or gluten free. Uncle Eddies' Vegan Cookies These cookies were created out of a sense of love and respect for all creatures. From the oneness and grace of life the recipes were given as a gift in loving support of all beings and the planet itself.  

Non-Food Exhibitors

360 Health Connection Arbonne Baby Life Shake Bambu Dru Bare Naked Botanicals Beet x Beet CowHugger DoTerra Essential Oil Ellovi Ethical Energy Bureau Fauna Giftshop Hands On Vegan Happy Cow (Sponsor) Herbivore Clothing Humane Project Jenny Ross Living Foods Juice Plus My OM Yoga Home (Sponsor) No Tox Life with Pulp Pantry OC Green Drinks Optimal Wellness Pharmacy Plant Pure Nation Shaded Trails All Natural Dog Treats Sweet Simple Vegan The Living Temple The Vegan Designer (Sponsor) TruVitality Vegan Printer (Sponsor) Vegan Rocks Apparel Vegetaryn Veggie Date (Sponsor) Yummy Plants

Non-Profit Exhibitors

Adopt a Rhino Animal Protection and Rescue League (Presenter) Art for Animal Sake (Sponsor) Barks of Love Beagle Freedom Project Campus Coalition for Animal Rights FARM In Defense of Animal Kids Make A Difference (Sponsor) MA Center LA Mercy For Animals National Museum of Animals & Society New Life Animal Sanctuary People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA People for Reason in Science and Medicine PRISM Share International Sign Up for Love Supreme Meditation Center (supported by vegan tiramisu) Truth or Drought United Poultry Concern