SoCal VegFest 2016 WE LOVE ANIMALS! Halloween Costume Contest Simply show up at the SoCal VegFest Halloween Contest Sign-in table located at the “Animal Protection and Rescue League” Booth #22 (near the entry to the Main Quad coming from the Student Center) on Sunday, October 30, 2016 at least an hour before your divisions judging starts, fill out the sign-in sheet for your division (name, email, category, title of costume ), a rules/release form, and pay the $5 entry fee per person per division and get your entry number. Then, be on location at the judging area at the specific time for your division(s) and hand in your entry number. You’ll be competing for awesome prizes donated by our fabulous vegan vendors. DIVISIONS 1. “Little Ones” division ages 0-6: JUDGING STARTS AT 12:00 PM 2. “Kids” division ages 7-12: JUDGING STARTS AT 12:20 PM 3. “Teens & Adults” division ages 13+: JUDGING STARTS AT 12:45 PM 4. “Group” division ages 0+: JUDGING STARTS AT 1:10 PM CATEGORIES 1. WE LOVE ANIMALS (Primary SoCal VegFest 2016 Theme) • Favorite Real Animals: example - Dog, cat, rabbit, cow, horse, pig, owl, butterfly, elephant, bee, ant, spider, dolphin...  It must be a real animal (not a mythical creature). You can look whimsical or very real. • Vegan and Animal Rights • Favorite Vegan Food: veggie, fruit, tofu, falafel ... • Famous Vegan / AR Activist: Pythagoras, Gary Yourofsky. Dr. Michael Greger ... 2. ADORABLE (Funny, Cute, Imaginative and Fantasy Theme ) 3. SPOOKY (Traditional Spooky Halloween Theme ) The 24 Division 1, 2, 3 & 4 second & third place winners displayed by 2:00 PM The 12 Division 1, 2, 3 & 4 first place winners announced & given certificates on stage at 3:00 PM Grand Prize final judging at 3:10 PM followed by Grand Prize winner announcement Division 2 parade about SoCal VegFest at 3:30 PM