Lisa Levinson is the director of In Defense of Animals’ (IDA) Sustainable Activism Campaign, and serves as the co-chair of IDA’s Council of Sustainable Activism.


Bhupendra Shivji Soneji’s earliest memories from his childhood in India are of his father’s devotion to his practice of yoga. Taught and encouraged by his father, Soneji went on to become a dedicated practitioner himself, and yoga became an essential part of his daily routine. He further expanded his training under the tutelage of Swami Satyananda Saraswati of the Bihar School of Yoga.


Kaci Christian is the creator of The WE Juice for Joy Experience™, a course in mindfulness that emphasizes the practice of sacred self-care and incorporates a 10-day juice cleanse. The program began as a live teleclass offered at the beginning of every quarter, personally facilitated by Kaci with co-host, Chef Xian. The WE Juice for Joy Experience™ allows participants the opportunity to reboot, restore and replenish in a loving, supportive and nurturing environment. The live program included daily conference calls, live interactive coaching and downloadable materials affording people throughout the world an opportunity to participate. That program is not currently being offered, although Kaci does collaborate with a very limited number of clients in her health and wellness consulting practice.


Bliss Factory is a duo featuring very versatile and talented musicians, singer-songwriters, David (“Dave”) Carroll and Martin Blasick.


Roxy Leigh Rovenger is an experienced yoga teacher and massage therapist, and the founder of Intended Flow Yoga & Massage. With more than 12 years of experience teaching and practicing, she has found the combination of yoga and massage to be two of the greatest tools in achieving a happy healthy life. Roxy suffered from chronic back pain for many years, due to injuries and constant training as an athlete; however, since committing to yoga and massage, her pain has been completely transformed. Roxy has invested a significant amount of time, energy and resources in her training, amassing more than 900 hours in yoga training and 900 hours in massage therapy training. Her yoga certifications include Vinyasa Flow (200 hours); Yoga Therapy for chronic conditions (500 hours); and Kundalini Yoga (200 hours). She attributes her excellent education and success to her teachers and mentors including Santa Cruz Yoga, Stress Management Center of Marin, Yoga Works, and National Holistic Institute. Her mission is to share her passion, skills and knowledge with others to help them achieve peaceful and happy lives, free of suffering. For additional information and to reach Roxy, visit


Frances W. Greenspan is an animal artist, former pet groomer and animal communicator who became actively involved in the world of animals from an early age. As an only child, her dogs and cats were her first playmates.


Suzanne “Butterfly” Strachan has been teaching yoga and practicing massage for more than 30 years. She describes her style of yoga as “mostly a blend of Hatha and Hatha Flow with a little Vinyasa.” She focuses her massage technique in the ancient Japanese Shiatsu acupressure style and also includes elements of Craniosacral Therapy in her sessions.


Arlene Nicoletti can’t recall a time when she wasn’t fascinated by sound and music, and has always found great joy in singing. She is the founder of Soul Sound Vibrations in Woodland Hills, CA. Drawing on her extensive training in Reiki, Sound Meditation, and hypnotherapy, Arlene shares her passion and talents for healing using holistic, natural and alternative means.


Gwenna Hunter is a social media consultant and the founder of Vegans Of LA. After having been vegetarian for more than seven years, she unexpectedly stumbled upon a 5-minute video entitled Dairy Is Scary. After seeing how milk was obtained from innocent cows and witnessing their babies being stolen from them, she recognized that, as a woman, she could no longer participate in the mindless consumption of dairy products and immediately stopped her previous unwitting support of the despicable devastation perpetrated against females by the dairy industry.


Shannon Keith, Esq. is the founder and president of the Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) and its umbrella nonprofit charitable organization, ARME (Animal Rescue, Media & Education). Shannon is an attorney who put her energy and passion into protecting and defending animals. She practiced animal rights law for more than 12 years before launching ARME and BFP. She served as legal counsel for many high profile cases, creating case law favoring emotional distress recognition for animals.


Vanessa Marsot is a passionate vegan and compassionate animal activist, based in Los Angeles. She began her professional career as an actress and model in Paris, after graduating from Yale University with a degree in Literature. Upon her eventual return to the United States, Vanessa began teaching yoga and offering personal fitness training.

Kundan Chhabra

Kundan Chhabra is the creator of Emotional Alchemy, a technique to transform emotional pain and its accompanying baggage into fuel for passion and life purpose. He does this through his unique Breakthrough Awakening, the consciousness technology he developed to lead workshop participants through the six levels of self-knowledge.


Khamadi Grimble is a man of firm conviction and commitment. Vegan since 1974 (42+ years!), he is the picture of health and wellbeing. His youthful vitality belies his years on this planet; only his salt-n-pepper dreadlocks make you wonder just how old is he? He readily admits he’s 65 years young– and his partner whispers that he often trains with fellow cyclists in their early 20s who are confounded when he passes them on challenging inclines.