Reviews from Exhibitors

"This was an awesome event!  We sold out all of our products and gave away all of our samples.  We will definitely do this event next year!" - Kelly & Eroc, Kelly's Crouton "We felt the event was well organized and marketed.  Our samples were all out way before the festival ended. We sold out on all of our powder and nutritional shakes.  A very satisfying experience!"  - Todd, Orgain "We were very well-pleased and satisfied with this well-organized and well-attended vegetarian, health, animal rights, and environmental venue!. So keep up the good work! And keep 'em comin'!!!!" - Eugene, Steve & Rei, Sophie's Kitchen Vegan Seafood "Thank you so much for organizing SoCal Vegfest! You did an amazing job, all the attendees I've spoken to were blown away by what a great event it was.  As a vendor, it was great exposure for us, and I will definitely recommend that we participate again next year." - Keith, Field Roast Grain Meat Co. "I'm so happy that you made this event happen this year! We are very satisfied with our experiences and exposure at the vegfest.  People were so grateful to have this community experience in Orange County. We will absolutely be participating next year... looking forward to it."   - Ashley, Beanfields Snacks "We had a great day and did great sales.  We weren't sure what to expect with it being a first time event but did as well or close to as well as we do at events like Texas State Veggie Fair, DC VegFest, and so forth, which are long running events.  So, great job for a first year!  We will definitely be back!"   - Josh, The Herbivore Clothing Company "I thought the event was extremely well organized and probably the best attended in last couple of years I've been doing this.  Too many attendees to count and we had a line waiting to talk to us. Excellent organization and traffic, loved it and definitely want to be a part of this next year!"   - Marilyn, Young Living Essential Oil "We loved the outdoor layout! Great job! We are very satisfied with our experiences as we sold a lot more than what we have expected! Many thanks for having us and can't wait to participate again next year!"   - Stephanie, Bambu Dru "It was a great event! We had quite a few visitors and raised a lot of money despite not being able to bring in our dogs for adoption. At the end of the festival, there were still hundreds of people.  We are very satisfied with our experience!" - Paige, Barks of Love, Non-Profit "The vegfest was fabulous. We had people come by non-stop all day long. We loved the venue; outside on grass with cement walkways, no dust. It was just the right size, lots of great food vendors. The volunteers were amazingly helpful. They helped us set up our tent and take it down again. The college was easy to find; right off the freeway and parking was easy. This was absolutely the best vegan fest ever. The atmosphere was so positive all over. I can't thank you enough for letting us be a part of it." - Britt, People for Reason in Science and Medicine, Non-Profit Exhibitor "This event was well planned, very organized, fun and brought an incredible turnout. I had excellent placement at the festival and feel very happy and satisfied in being a part of it. 🙂  I'll be back next year for sure!" - Paris, Sign Up For Love, Non-Profit Exhibitor    

Reviews from Attendees

“Finally a VegFest in Orange County! Loved all the informational booths for my non-vegan family. They learned a lot & want to share it with their friends! Added one more vegan to the family thanks to all the products & food!” - Alejandra U. “Loved everything about it! The food, the people, the music, all the exhibitors! It was the best-organized event like this that I have been to! Great samples – educational for the kids! The speakers were amazing & loved the Plant Pure Nation screening!” - Malleus G. "I liked the fact that it had many vegan food companies there. They also taught me some things on being a vegetarian. It was really interesting to see how they substitute vegetables for meat." - Ashley T. "The atmosphere and positive vibe. I went to support my daughter, but left with new knowledge.  Everything was great. We didn't know what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised." - Loren V. "The wide variety of vendors and abundance of information, entertainment, food choices, the location, the weather! 🙂 There was soo much to do and see and eat and people to talk to that my friend and I ending up spending ALL DAY at the VegFest! It's was SO GREAT!" - Catherine C. "Being able to try foods I had seen at the grocery store but wasn't sure if I would like. Discovering new foods and companies. Having so many gluten free and vegan options was awesome for lunch!" - Sarita L. "Getting to see companies from all over SoCal, getting to be around positive like minded people, and spending the day with family/friends showing them the positives of this lifestyle!" - Ash P. "It was a great way for a new vegan like me (and my family) to try new foods and learn more about the lifestyle." - Anonymous "It was so much bigger (venue, people, vendors, etc) than what I expected. It was great seeing so many like minded beings!  It was just too bad that our family can only stay for a couple hours because it just got too hot for me.  Will definitely come back next year!" - Sanjo "We loved seeing such a large gathering of like minded people and companies and the ability to easily try new products!  We actually just came back from Mother's Market and purchased several items we normally wouldn't have had we not sampled them first at your event." - Heidi S. "I loved being a volunteer, and being able to contribute my small part to this wonderful event. I was astounded by the turnout, which gives me hope that interest in conscious, compassionate living is growing. I fully expect to participate in next year's event! I wish it happened more than once a year!" - Julie S. "It was a great event! Our entire household has made a commitment to convert to vegetarianism thanks to this event!!!" - Liz B. "Thanks for putting this together.  I brought my husband along who is carnivorous and he was pleasantly surprised at how good some of food could taste. Educating one at a time!" - Lisa C. "Thank you! Your team did an amazing job at not only promoting this event, but also organizing and bringing quality vendors, speakers, entertainment, etc. to our community. This was a great first year and can only see it getting better every year after." - Nancy O. "I absolutely loved this event! It made it fun for new potential vegans and also let my boyfriend and I as well as my friends splurge a little 😉 It was amazing to meet all the speakers, I have made several of their recipes and incorporate many of their teachings in my everyday diet. :)" - Kayla M. "We LOVED the food of course! Loved the coupons for new vegan foods to try. Always love the free samples, because I ALWAYS end up buying the products I try.  Thank you for putting this event on!" - Luna B.