Encouraged by last year’s incredible reception, the 2nd Annual SoCal VegFest was TWO DAYS this year! Rain or shine, it was an event to behold and we had a record number of attendees. Vegan or not, people of all ages gathered to learn, explore, share, and dance!

Spirit Soul and Friends are a group who brings together their love of music, mantras, yoga and dance for a must-see performance! They will be be playing at this year’s SoCal VegFest event.

Purple Mountains Majesties is a group of guys who rotate playing a host of awesome instruments, playing songs reminiscent of The Beatles and The Beach Boys but as modern as Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Here them perform at SoCal VegFest!

Elijah Bustos is an eclectic musician who has international recognition. See him perform this year at SoCal VegFest!

Drumming for Joy is a drumming circle led by Pam Nishikawa and Valerie Garner, who will be performing at this year’s SoCal VegFest!

Annette Conlon is a musician, passionate animal rights advocate and vegan. This year she launches her Compassionette Tour, which winds through Alabama and North Carolina before landing at Chicago Veganmania’s “compassionate culture” celebration. It’s a fitting wrap for a tour — and artist — committed to “spreading awareness through music, fashion, food, and love.” We cannot WAIT to hear her play at SoCal VegFest!