Dream Home Estates is a luxury boutique real estate firm owned by two local vegetarians!

Zellee Organics is a company that makes delicious, vegan, good-for-you fruit gels! We’re so excited to have them going us the year at SoCal VegFest. Scroll down for more a short video and interview with the great people behind this yummy snack!

Macaccino ™ and Science of Living Natural Foods ™ is committed to creating spectacular organic, healthy food and drink products that elevate body, mind, and SOL. We believe alternative energy should come from a higher source, fueled by only the clean, natural energy that Mother Nature provides. Enjoy our delicious roasted maca blend in place of coffee for a cleaner, longer-lasting energy. Each cup nourishes the body with super food nutrition and saves over 8 gallons of earth’s water from field to cup!

IsWithin is all about creating ultimate full body wellness through your relationship to and understanding of food. We can’t wait to chat with Lou, Anthony + Nick at at SoCal VegFest!

Farm Sanctuary is one of this year’s SoCal VegFest sponsors + we’re so excited to have Gene Baur and the whole team with us for the event!

We are proud to have Kids Make A Difference as a sponsor again this year at SoCal VegFest!

Our interview with SoCal VegFest sponsor ‘Baby Life Shake’, a nutritional supplement for children that is vegan and made with good-for-growing-babies ingredients. It is meant to be used in place of traditional formula or as a supplement to breast feeding. Please be sure to visit their booth at the event!