Dream Home Estates

Dream Home Estates is a luxury boutique real estate firm owned by two local vegetarians!  They are a proud FRIEND Sponsor of SoCal VegFest!

DreamHomeEstates What is the name of your company? My company is Dream Home Estates.
What is it that your company does?
We are a luxury boutique real estate firm that specializes serving our clients needs in Residential, Commercial, Investments and Land properties.
Why are you supporting SoCal Vegfest?
We are supporting VegFest because both my wife and I (Jason Young) are vegetarians and between the two of us, we have been so for many years now.
Why is it important to live a healthy/cruelty free lifestyle?
I believe this is the most important way to live a healthy lifestyle! I also like that it reduces my carbon footprint, saves the lives of animals, and gives me more energy.
What is your favorite vegan item - food or product item?
My favorite vegan item is Organic Food Bar: active greens covered in chocolate.
What are you most looking forward to about SoCal vegfest?
I am most looking forward to meeting like minded people at VegFest and being able serve the community.
Find more info at http://www.dreamhomeestates.com.

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