Nerium International

NERIUM International is a vegan-friendly skin and body-care company that will be joining us at SoCal VegFest.

  Please tell us what your organization/company does or is? NERIUM International is anti-aging for the skin, body, face and the brain.
Why did you start your organization or company?
I am an Independent Brand Partner.
What is the best selling product?
The Anti-aging Nightime Treatment.
Why was it important to you to have a plant based friendly product?
Most products are vegan-friendly.  Healthier for the body.  No side effects. No Chemicals. No animal testing. Backed by science.
What is the biggest misconception about vegan food you think people have.
That vegans eat nothing but tofu!
Why should people come to SoCal Vegfest?
Come and enjoy the friendly environment.  Happy people. Smiling faces. And...come by our booth and bring your wrinkles with you!
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