"Celebrating healthy eating and conscious living"

Abby Lodmer is a vegan health educator, life coach, comedienne and emcee known as the "Conscious Comedian." She uplifts humanity by helping people heal their ailments, by doing stand-up comedy and by educating the masses about optimal health, through humor!

Abby has performed on stages around the world from renowned comedy clubs to galas to festivals - (including SoCal VegFest for many years). She has been featured in TV and online shows, including her own, "Humor Healing Humanity," "Humanitarian Chronicles" and "Sustainable Scamperings," among others.

Abby happily brings her bodacious spirit to highlight sustainable causes. You can usually find her earthing in the Evergreen forests with her precious pup or downward-dogging on a yoga mat.


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September 24, 2023