It's 2023 and thankfully, it seems fast fashion is finally starting to go out of style, on Tiktok we're seeing Gen-Z embracing vintage, recycled, or upcycled garbs over fast fashion, and more and more truly sustainable and vegan-friendly fashion brands are emerging as modern consumers create a demand for ethically sourced fashion that doesn't harm the animals or the planet, but also doesn't break the bank!

What Makes a Clothing Brand Vegan?

A clothing brand is considered vegan when it aligns with the principles of veganism, which means avoiding the use of any animal-derived materials or by-products in the manufacturing process of its products, this includes leather, fur, silk, wool, down feathers, and exotic skins. Instead, they opt for alternatives like plant-based fibers (e.g., organic cotton, hemp, linen, bamboo), synthetic or recycled fabrics, and innovative vegan leather alternatives (e.g., pineapple leather, mushroom leather, cork, etc).
Additionally, vegan clothing brands often emphasize transparency in their supply chains. They work closely with their suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that no animal-derived materials or practices are involved at any stage of production. They may also seek certifications or third-party verifications that confirm their adherence to vegan and ethical standards. In addition to being vegan, many vegan clothing brands also uphold ethical practices regarding their production and the well-being of their workers. This includes considerations such as fair trade, workers' rights, safe working conditions, and sustainable manufacturing processes. These brands aim to minimize their environmental impact and promote social responsibility throughout their operation.

What To Look For In Affordable Vegan Clothing?

Vegan-friendly fashion goes hand in hand with sustainability and ethical production practices that respect and promote the protection of animal and human rights.

Look for these certifications on the garments' tags or brand website: vegan, recycled, organic, sustainable, and ethically made. A lot of fast fashion brands will label themselves as "vegan"  yet their garments are made with cheap synthetic materials, like virgin polyester. So watch out for these and always favor natural fabrics and materials, as well as recycled fabrics.

Affordable & Sustainable Vegan Clothing Brands Everyone Should Know About:

1. Harvest & Mill
Harvest & Mill specializes in vegan clothing essentials (dye-free or dyed with natural ingredients) made of organic cotton—grown, milled, designed, and sewn exclusively in the U.S. through a transparent and carbon-neutral supply chain.  Harvest & Mill is organic, vegan, and carbon neutral.

2. P A C T 
Pact is a brand dedicated to ethical and eco-conscious fashion, striving to become the most environmentally friendly clothing brand worldwide. Despite their lofty goals, Pact maintains affordability while prioritizing sustainable practices. The brand primarily uses organic cotton that is free from toxic chemicals. Their collection of affordable vegan clothing encompasses a wide range of styles for both men and women, offering fashion items for every occasion and across various categories.

pact organic cotton the coastal beach halter jumpsuit

This Los Angeles-based and USA-made brand makes all of its apparel with non-toxic, natural, plastic-free, and O\organic materials. They have ethical practices across every step of their manufacturing and their apparel is super affordable! They also have a recycling program that takes back your used garments and give them a new life!

Men's Fleece HoodieOrganic Stretch Biker Short

This Toronto-based brand is 100% vegan! Their affordable clothing is made from Egyptian cotton and other natural fiber. They offer sustainably made styles for men and women.

Image of Women's Knit Crop TankImage of Men's Nilus Trouser

5. SAYE 
Saye is a Barcelona-based brand that makes some really cool-looking 100% vegan sneakers out of apple, cactus, and other plant-based "leathers" and recycled materials. Their style is very retro and chic, their shoes are unisex and they ship worldwide!

Based in Toronto, Matt & Nat are purveyors of high-quality vegan shoes out of biodegradable and recycled materials. They offer shoes, accessories, and even some outerwear, all of which are made to last with top-quality materials.

ALAIA Women's Vegan Boots | Color: Brown - variant::brown


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