Workshops Presented by Audrey Waight of
Sweet and Sacred

Restoring Habitat with California Native Plants - 12:30pm

The Virtues of Growing Veganically - 3:30pm 


Join us at SoCal Vegfest for an enlightening workshop on the art of veganic gardening, specially tailored for California's unique native plants. Embrace a gardening approach that respects the environment and all its inhabitants. Our session will guide you through the journey of habitat restoration using plants indigenous to our beautiful state, all while adhering to organic and vegan principles.

Restoring Habitat with California Native Plants 12:30pm

Join us for an educational workshop on 'Restoring Habitat with California Native Plants.' Explore the rich tapestry of California’s unique geography and learn how you can honor local habitats by incorporating indigenous plants into your gardening practices.

This workshop will delve into the vital role native plants play in supporting local wildlife and preserving sacred ethnobotanical relationships. Whether you have a sprawling garden or a small patio, we’ll guide you on how to select plants that are best suited for your space and local environment.

We invite you to discover how your garden can become a sanctuary for you, native wildlife, and all Earthly elements!

The Virtues of Growing Veganically - 3:30pm

Our workshop 'The Virtues of Growing Veganically’ will dive deep into the ethical and sustainable aspects of veganic gardening—a harmonious blend where organic practices meet vegan principles.

Discover the importance of shifting away from chemical-laden and animal-derived inputs, and learn how to foster a thriving garden ecosystem that's both plant-based and organic. As we delve into the subject, we'll also touch upon the historical influences of colonization and factory farming on our ideals of fertility and land stewardship.

Join us in discussing what it means to cultivate thriving soil in a manner that honors, respects, and liberates all life forms!


About Sweet and Sacred

Sweet and Sacred is a gardening service business tending to occupied Tongva land, which extends from Los Angeles to Orange County.

We specialize in native, medicinal, and edible in-ground or potted landscapes. Additionally, we service indoor houseplants. Our offerings range from garden designs to installation and maintenance.

Sweet and Sacred is here to bring visions of garden sanctuaries to life. Our intention is to create spaces where all beings can find peace, healing, and an abundance of offerings from our collective home; this Sweet and Sacred Earth.

About Audrey

Audrey is a veganic gardener contributing to movements for collective liberation, decolonization, habitat restoration, and food sovereignty. She has geared her life’s work towards healing animals – human and non-human – and the planet through the advocacy and practice of regenerative veganic growing.

Descending from a lineage of Mayan ancestors, farmers, and caretakers of the land, Audrey has developed a deep passion for reclaiming and embodying the indigenous, relational land-wisdom of her ancestors.

She earned a Bachelor's degree in Geography and Food Studies, along with certificates in Geographic Information Systems, Permaculture Design, and Agricultures Del Valle's Farmer Training Program. Her work expands from caretaking local community gardens to serving as an educational tour guide at a local farm, researching veganic agriculture for an upcoming documentary, facilitating a gardening club for marginalized youth, and more recently designing and installing California native gardens.