Brian Manowitz (Black Metal Chef)

Vegan Black Metal Chef combines his passions for vegan cooking and making metal music to create an awesomely unlikely combination that is informative, hilarious, and enlightening.

As a Vegan for approximately 15 years, a musician for 12 years, his quest to make awesomely amazing food, music, and blasphemy has culminated into a modern sensation.

His website contains vegan cooking instruction that focuses on cooking concepts rather than strict  recipes, a series of YouTube videos that focus on single dishes as well as whole meal ideas, seeks to answer the question “what do vegans eat” set to a self made and recorded soundtrack of Black Metal music with comedy thrown in.  The website also seeks to introduce people to bringing consciousness to their lives and all of their actions.

Check out the youtube channel at

Also Check out the website at


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October 11, 2018

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